My takeaway from WordCamp Kathmandu 2016

I attend my last WordCamp of 2016 at Kathmandu, where I had an opportunity to talk about my pet topic of being able to assemble a website/ web application the way we could assemble a desktop application. Here is the video of that talk and I am open to your suggestions about how to make it […]

My takeaway from WordCamp Nashik 2016

I had though that this years WordCamp Mumbai was the by far best WordCamp India has seen, but WordCamp Nashik changed my views. Now, India has seen two great WordCamps, and set a high bar for all upcoming ones. Here’s quick list of things that I liked about WordCamp Nashik 2016, Happiness Bar, it was […]

Importance of Incremental Mindset

Incremental mindset means taking an idea and improving it in small iterative steps.  Great things are build by people who keep their focus on an idea for a longer period of time then an average person, and kept improving it. It’s a believe that says, I may not know everything right now, but I will […]

Weekend of WordCamp Mumbai 2016

I have attended almost all WordCamps that has happened in India and even organised few WordCamps, and I can say that the recent edition of WordCamp Mumbai was by far the best WordCamp in India. Kudos to organisers for pulling it off.   If you did not attended the event, I would recommend you watch videos of […]

Two things that keep me going

I have no idea how and why, but every time I feel low, one of these two pieces of poetry will automatically fill my mind and keep playing in loop till my spirits are back to normal and I am ready to take on the challenges presented to me. First one is करत करत अभ्यास के […]

3 Common Mistakes Newbie Entrepreneurs Make

I was in Mumbai last month for WordCamp, where I spent almost 3 hours talking to Annkur late in night and we ended up comparing notes on our entrepreneurial journey. Following Article is written by Annkur based on that discussion. After over 10 years of being an entrepreneur and seeing highs and lows of being […]

Who is the Intended Audience of WordCamp?

Is it Developers?  Is it bloggers?  Is it students? Is it people building there own websites? Since last 3-4 WordCamps that has happened in India and the discussion that has followed at the end of those camps has finally forced me to share my concerns and understanding about intended audience. I believe that the intended […]

Who is the driver in your team?

Driver is usually the person with the agenda who keeps team together, focused on the task at hand and making sure team is going in the direction he wants. If you want something done by your team then you need to be the driver. In a team settings, we all know the importance being a […]