Pull to Refresh.js

A small, but powerful Javascript library crafted to power your webapp’s pull to refresh feature. No markup needed, highly customizable and dependency-free! Source: Pull to Refresh.js


Reframe.js is a javascript plugin that makes unresponsive elements responsive. Source: Reframe.js

Canvas Gauges

Canvas gauges are open source minimalist HTML5-based components for web applications. Source: Canvas Gauges

CSS Loader

Usually it’s common to show a loader to the users when they must wait something in a web application (an ajax request or a form submit, etc). Gif images were great but using CSS we can avoid the image request, also it’s easier for customize/ maintain and it’s more cool. Source: CSS Loader

text-spinners – tawian

This project tries to mimic command line spinners like those from cli-spinners (where most of them are taken from) and bring them to the web. Source: text-spinners – tawian