akWpUploader: Alternative WordPress Image Uploader

For those in hurry, download the latest version of [download#2#nohits] from wordpress plugin page.

UPDATE (25 August 2009): I have released the version 1.1.0 and made it comaptible with WordPress 2.8.

UPDATE: I have released 0.7.1 of this plugin, with this i consider it to be good enough for general uses, Please help me test it so that we can together release version 1.0 of this plugin soon.

I was fed up with the wordpress image uploader’s inability to properly resize the images. I was posting pictures of Rangpanchami in my office blog but image would just not resize properly.

So i decided to create this akWpUploader: alternative image uploader for wordpress which uses Flickr.com’s web services to attach images on the blog post. Initially i wanted to use rss feed that Flickr provides, but found it very restrictive so i went ahead to use flickr Api, which has been simplified by Dan Coulter who wrote easy to use phpFlickr wrapper class. This plugin is not meant to replace the original uploader but to complement it by providing additional missing functionalities. Their was a need for some such plugin as is evident from following wordpress feature enhancement request Idea:Image Handling.

How it works?

All you need to do is type your Flickr user id and it will fetch all the photographs that you have published on the Flickr, you click on the image that you want to insert into the editor, select the option for image size to include in the editor. It will take the title, description form Flickr and attach image from Flickr in the editor. Simple isn’t ? 😉

I have cheated here 😉 Cheating, No More 🙂

Update : their is one more additional step involved now, you first select type the username, akWpuploader will fetch the tags and photo sets that you have created, once you select the option you can get the images from the Flickr.

How to install

This is very simple task, just upload the “akwpuploader-alternative-wordpress-image-uploader” folder to “wp-content/plugins/” folder, care must be taken to ensure that folder name is kept as it is.

Then go to plugins section of the website and activate the plugin and you are done.

This plugin shows itself when you create new post, just below the editor in wordpress 2.3 and below, It shows itself between Advanced options and categories in wordpress 2.5.


As it is a Beta release it may have bugs, it still lacks some features and it may crash.

To Do

  1. To choose the size that we want to display in blog instead of just small thumbnail that is currently being used
  2. Similar to wordpress uploader, ability to choose whether to link or not, and also to take user to wordpress blog page or directly to image.
  3. Ability to select image sets from Flickr.
  4. Ability to select images based on tags.
  5. Pagination.
  6. Ability to clear the images from the selection
  7. Ability to specify your own details like title and description for a photo instead of using the one on Flickr.
  8. Ability to Upload the images to Flickr itself.

If you have any ideas that you want to see with this plugin please let me know.

Fixed : Just released a new version to fix the issues mentioned by matthew and kimharding in comments please help me test it further so that i can release a stable version soon.

Fixed : With release of 0.7.1, i have fixed the issue mentioned by kimchi39 in comments.

Update(5th July 2008) : Released 1.0.0 a stable version after lot’s of testing.

Update (25 August 2009): I have released the version 1.1.0 and made it comaptible with WordPress 2.8.

38 thoughts on “akWpUploader: Alternative WordPress Image Uploader

  1. This looks like a really cool plugin but there’s only one problem: it doesn’t work. 🙂

    I’ve installed it under WordPress 2.5 and activated it, but I don’t see anything new added to my admin area, media library or Write page.

    Is it compatibale with WP 2.5?

  2. Hi Matthew,

    You will see it when you will create new post. In case of wordpress 2.5 it should be between Categories and Advance options.

    I realize their are some issues related to plugin foldername, which should be “akWpUploader”. Also php’s safe mode is creating a small problem.

    I will be releasing a fix soon, so check back soon…

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  5. Hi Amit,

    Thanks for this. It is the most simple easy flickr one I have found and is exactly what I want! The only problem is it gives my page a javascript error. The buttons for adding an image, video, audio or media dissapear and I am unable to do things like center my text.

    Any idea why this is happening?


  6. Hi Luke,

    i am not sure if it is happening because of akWpUploader, try clearing the cache and reloading you page.

    if this does not solve the problem, disable the plugin, clear the cache and then reload again. If this solve the problem, then please let me the wordpress version with which you are using it, and i will try to emulate the the issue and fix it.

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  9. Hi Amit,
    Firstly, thanks for creating the plugin! I’m quite new to using Flickr to host my images (always hosted them on my own server before) but the lack of server space means I have to look afar. I had no problems with installation the plugin, but having poked about abit, it seems the akWPUploader can’t be used when I enter the ‘Page’ interface? I do see it when I edit posts, but one of the main aims for me is to create a gallery in a page, but I seem to be missing it in Pages.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  10. Sorry just to add… I’ve just tested it on ‘Posts’ thinking I’ll just copy/paste the code over, except for some odd reason although it retrieves the images just fine, when I click on any image, it returns to the ‘retrieving images from Flickr’ state again with the pink flower.

    I’m testing this locally using K-Meleon. Will try it out with Firefox in just abit.

  11. Hello,

    I love to use your plug-in. But, when I activate ur plugin, my all-in-SEO plugin is disabled automatically.

    Could you check what is the conflict between ur plugin and all-in-seo?

    I appreciate it in advance.

  12. @kimchi39,

    i am using all-in-seo plugin myself and i am having no such issue, may be you can let me know which version you are using i will check and if found any issues i will fix it.

  13. I’m using WP2.5. When I try to write a post, All-in-one-SEO is right under your plugin. It shows All-in-one-SEO exists, but I can not use it. Of course, your plug-in is working fine. 😉

    If you want to see it, I can send you a screenshot. 😉

  14. @kimchi39, thanks for letting me know about this issue, i have released a new version, with this issue being fixed.

  15. hi there .thanks for plugin:

    Does anybody know if tis script is compatible with WordPress 2.5.1 ?

    Thanks in advance for any help on this!

    best regards

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  19. Hello Amit,

    Thanks for your plugin. I am using it on WPMu 2.6

    I made a few minor changes to tweak the UI experience that others may find useful.

    1) No offence, but I changed the ‘loading’ animated gif to something else, smaller and less fun.

    2) I changed the Flickr ID text to Flickr Username. Took me a while to figure out why it wasn’t loading based on my ID number!

    3) Minor preference things…


  20. @MuSnake can you mail me the changes you did, i will include it in next release.. thanks

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  23. Thanks for this great plugin. It would be really useful to include the images dimensions when adding the image to the post. That keeps a nice placeholder while the blog page is loading up.

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  25. Hi, I’m trying your plugin with a 2.8.4 version.
    Once I activated the plugin I wrote a new post.
    Whe I fetch with my flckr account it does’nt work.
    It stops with your pink icon keep on rotating.
    Any suggestion? I think I would downgrade to 2.7 :-
    thanks in advance!


    • @fabio please upload to latest version of the plugin i have made it compatible with WP2.8.4, secondly sometimes for few images the plugin does fails to mostly due to some character in the description of image.. in that case try some other image.

  26. @amit
    thanks for your fast response!
    I already have 2.8.4 version.
    I erased the plugin then made the procedure once again but the pink icon is still there.. rotating again!

    and the message still says “Please wait, fetching images from flickr.”

  27. How long does it take to fetch the images from flickr? I installed the plugin, however when I try to use it all it does is spin the little logo you made and says “Please wait, fetching images from flickr.”

    It has been saying that for 15 mins now…curious if this works or not?

  28. This plugin is almost exactly what I need. However I have a Pro Flickr account and a HUGE number of photos.

    Could you possibly create seperate select boxes for Sets and tags… really hard to get to the sets which is where I would find my photos.


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