My takeaway from WordCamp Kathmandu 2016

Amit Kumar Singh at WordCamp kathmandu

I attend my last WordCamp of 2016 at Kathmandu, where I had an opportunity to talk about my pet topic of being able to assemble a website/ web application the way we could assemble a desktop application. Here is the video of that talk and I am open to your suggestions about how to make it the default way for building websites.


Here are few things that I personally liked about WordCamp Kathmandu, that we can emulate here in India

  1. Start On Time:  To ensure that they start on time, they had opened the collection of tickets and swags a day before for attendees, this ensured that on the day of event, instead of waiting in the line they were ready for talks.
  2. All day Swag Counter: They allowed attendees to collect their swag through out the day, so attendees were able to collect their swag without queuing and most importantly they could spend time attending and networking.
  3. Multitrack & breaks: They had timed the breaks between the talks for allowing people switch between the talk and tracks.
  4. One Big Family: This is another thing that liked about the community, almost every one knew every one. That 200+ people we are talking about. WordCamp Kathmandu was almost like one big happy family reunion.
  5. Plan for Next WordCamp: Even before this years WordCamp was over they had already planned for next years WordCamp and responsibility distributed.

All in all this was the first WordCamp that I have attended that started on time, was running fully on autopilot, every member of team knew whats needs to be done and was doing it. Being one of the organizers of upcoming WordCamp Pune, I had lot to learn, and hope to apply them to ensure we have smoothest running WordCamp in Pune.

Kudos to all the organizers and volunteers for WC Kathmandu

I also want to specifically thank my friends Biplab and Roshan for showing me Kathmandu.