8th important MySQL tool missed by Six Revision List

7 Applications to Make Working with MySQL Databases Easier article from Six Revision list following useful tools for working with MySQL, this order is based on my preference while using these tools

  1. phpMyAdmin
  2. DB Designer 4
  3. WWW Sql Designer
  4. Instant Sql Formatter
  5. MySql GUI tools
  6. EMS Sql manager for MySQL
  7. TurboDbAdmin

You can read about them at six revision’s article.

I have never used last two tools, instead I have used the Toad for MySQL. It has some nifty features. The one feature that I liked was the single click grouping feature of resultset. Though I still prefer to use phpMyAdmin.

Now to reason of this post, if you look at the list above, you will find the tools for general database management(like phpMyAdmin, EMS Sql Manager etc), ERD diagram creators(like DB Designer and WWW sql designers) and other log viewing and controlling tools(like mysql gui tools).

You might be wondering what is missing?

In web application development, you will probably have at least three databases, one at you local machine, one for test/demo environment for the client and finally one for the actual Live website.

Now, you can’t just put the sql export from you demo environment to live site, For that you need to create an SQL queries delta file that you will execute on live database to port the changes from demo database to live database.

Wondering how can you create diff(delta) file from two environment?

So, the 8th tool is

8. MySqlDiff


MySQLDiff detects the layout difference between two databases and creates the SQL ALTER statements that you can run in the live environment easily, to make it up-to date with DEV environment. Check out more screenshots.

Now if you have not already done so, then grab a version of [download#5#nohits] and you are done.

Is their any other useful tool missing for MySql let us know.

One thought on “8th important MySQL tool missed by Six Revision List

  1. MySQLDiff looks interesting, I’m sick to the back teeth of making changes to my test server database and forgetting to make those changes to the live database and wondering why my code is broken 🙂

    MySQL Administrator (MySQL GUI Tools) does a similar thing with the backup/restore facility but I find it always breaks any views and it doesn’t work as well on a mac as on a PC (in my experience).

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