Why PHP is So Popular on Web?

If you ever wondered why the hell PHP is so popular on the web when there are better and powerful languages available? Well, the answer is very simple, It is only language that allows even musicians to build sites for themselves. By the way that is also the reason why WordPress has become the king […]

CodeIgniter 2.0 Is Baking

Just when I was loosing all hopes about CodeIgniter, yesterday EllisLab announced about their move to assembla and mercurial, in that there was a small but significant news about CodeIgniter 2.0. A quick look into the change log revealed PHP 4 support is deprecated. Features new to 2.0.0 may not be support PHP 4, and […]

One Year Of Writing

On 25th February this blog turned 1 year old. I am happy to say that in my 3rd attempt to be a blogger I have finally succeded. Thank you every one for commenting and reading which kept my interest alive.

Round off

Their are lot’s of tech events happening in Pune. Recently Concluded was IdeaCamp 2, you can read about it on Bhavya’s blog post. Upcoming events that I know of WATBlog Wednesday Pune on 21st January, Drupal Camp Pune, it is going to happen on 31st January, On 13th – 14 Feb( yes !!!) we are […]

India I Care, So Let’s Be Social..

We are happy to announce the success of Opensocial Developer Garage. We were able to prototype the ‘India I Care’ orkut app for IOFC. It will be soon released for everyone to use. We build this app with active contribution from Shardule, Rohan, Parag and our speaker Shishir. Priyank and Aman has already covered the […]