13 thoughts on “Autorun

  1. dear all
    i have a problem in my pc with new folder.exe virus.
    plz sgest how to remove this virus
    sachin kapoor

  2. please send me answer about for how to remove for virus in command mode (that means commandline)

    how to copy some windows file in command line and send some command mode working steps

  3. i found regsvr.exe in task mgnr and i deleted. also deleted the start up run file through ccleaner. searched autorun.inf in hard drives. many file found. which file should i take in to account.

  4. hi,
    i m khurram i have hidden pen and some problum in this pen so i want to autorun.inf file for my pen plz tell me how can i download this file.

  5. Can you help with the folder that are all made read only. I have tried to change the permission but nothing seams to work.

  6. i have virus in my pendrive once i delete the file its autmatically create newfolder in my pen drive can u give soloution for this

  7. where can i see the autorun.inf file? i can’t find it. i ticked show hidden folders, still no autorun.inf file.. help.

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