Pangea Day, Just Pay It Forward

Live cinema was shown all over the world for 4 hours, in India the timing for telecast was 11:30PM to 3.30AM. I watched the events at ThoughtWorks office in Pune. People started coming by 10 o’clock, as their was lot of time before the event so we sit watching the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab.

At 11 o’clock the organizers showed the video of Jehane’s unveiling the plan for Pangea day at TED event. Though event was also telecast live on Star World, we watched it live on Web.

While watching the program, I kept thinking about the technical aspect that made Pangea day possible, the amount of co-ordination required to synchronize events from six different locations. I thought if only I could also be part of technical team that made all this possible, alas for now I would have to be content with being a passive viewer.

Their were many prominent speakers, some beautiful and thought provoking movies, but my takeaway from the event was the Eboo Patel’s closing statement

Take different action, Tell different stories.

-Eboo Patel, Executive Director Interfaith Youth Core

My favorite movie from the whole bunch was Elevator Music, it reminded me of Spiderman’s often quoted ‘with great power, comes great responsibilities'(pun intended). Watch it yourself


Here are other movies that made us laugh and we spontaneously clapped with others, the list is in order of my preference

  1. More by Mark Osborne
  2. Dancing Queen by Sumit Roy
  3. J’Attendrai Le Suivant (I’ll Wait for the Next One) by Philippe Orreindy it was the funniest movie
  4. The Man Without a Head, directed by Juan Solanas watch it at pangea day website.
  5. The Ball by Orlando Mesquita
  6. Stille Post (Telephone Game) by Oliver Rauch watch it at pangea day website.
  7. Meninos (Boys) by Ernesto Molinero
  8. Sili (The Slap) byEhsan Amani it one of the old jokes,

Their are even more movies that you may want to watch.

All in all, I consider it very successful. As everyone kept saying ‘Movies can’t change a thing but people who watch them can’, I would like to add to this, Pay It Forward.

I recently watched the movie Pay It Forward, the concept is very simple; you help three people, and ask them to return the favor to other three people.

So let’s pay it forward the ideas that have the power to change the world and bring world peace.

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