Pangea Day : Wish To Reality

Jehane Noujaim, wanted to use films and photographs to create a powerful emotions in the heart of people watching them, and entice them to do something together to achieve world peace.

So in Nov 2006, on TED platform she wished for a day in which the world will come together through films, she named it Pangea day. She was granted $100,000 TED Prize to fulfill her wish.
She called it Pangea because, Pangea means entire earth in ancient Greek, was super continent that existed before it was split into current continents .

I wish to bring the world together for one day a year through the power of film.

Her acceptance speech at TED

On Saturday, May 10 her wish will become a reality. On this day live events in Cairo, Kigali, London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, and Rio de Janeiro will be converted into a 4 hour program that will be broadcast live to millions of people worldwide via internet, television and mobile phones.

Starting at 18:00 GMT(23:30 IST), the event will be broadcasted with subtitles in Arabic, English, French, German, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish.

During the four hours we will see 24 short films(out of 2500 submissions) , Queen Noor of Jordan, Christiane Amanpour of CNN, Bob Geldof an musician and Hypernova an Iranian rock band.

Pangea Day will be broadcasted by following Broadcasters

  • Canal +/Planete – France
  • City TV – Colombia
  • Current TV – USA
  • DigiTurk – Turkey
  • Globosat – Brazil
  • KW Networks – Mexico
  • Mediacorp – Singapore
  • Metro TV – Indonesia
  • MGM Networks Latin America – Latin America
  • TVNZ – New Zealand
  • OnceTV – Mexico
  • Rwanda TV – Rwanda
  • Sky Indie – UK
  • Star TV – 60 countries in Asia
  • Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation – Tanzania
  • TVR Televiziunea Româna – Romania
  • V-Me TV – US Hispanic

Pangea Day will be broadcast live from:

  • The Pyramids, Cairo, Egypt
  • Jali Gardens, Kigali, Rwanda
  • Somerset House, London, United Kingdom
  • Sony Pictures Studios, Los Angeles, USA
  • National Center for Performing Arts, Mumbai, India
  • Morro da Urca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Note: you can email to get the a free ticket to one of these locations.

After Pangea Day, organizers of pangea day will connect inspired people to other inspired activists and organizations, so that they can work together to solve the challenges that we face. A Pangea Day documentary will also be created to catalyze future activities.
I just wanted to end this post with,

Movies can’t change the world. But the people who watch them can.

In other words, we can change the world around us, and Pangea day is one such event, from one such person’s dream.

Let’s Do Something.

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