India I Care, So Let’s Be Social..

We are happy to announce the success of Opensocial Developer Garage. We were able to prototype the ‘India I Care’ orkut app for IOFC. It will be soon released for everyone to use. We build this app with active contribution from Shardule, Rohan, Parag and our speaker Shishir. Priyank and Aman has already covered the […]


Today John Resig, Jan Odvarko released ‘FireUnit’ a very useful JavaScript unit testing extension for Firebug. Fireunit will make JavaScript logging very easy, and we will not have to use alert boxes any more. You can download the extension at

Preventing SQL Injection Attacks on your Joomla! Websites

(This is promotional article taken from Joomla! Web Security ) Joomla!, a very popular content management system (CMS) is as you may know an easy-to-deploy-and-use content management system. This ease of use has lent itself to rapid growth of both the CMS and extensions for it. You can install it on almost any host, running […]