OpinionBar : Firefox toolbar for Digg, Dzone and StumbleUpon

Update: due to copyright issues with the name of this plugin, i have decided to discontinue the plugin. Please email me if you need the source code of this Firefox plugin.

Have you ever faced a situation where, you read an article, liked it but forgot to vote for it on DZone or Digg, simply because the owner of website has not put the relevant code on the web page.

Well I did. Their have been times when I wanted to vote for an article, but didn’t because of this.

So I created this Firefox toolbar to solve my problem.

What is OpinionBar

OpinionBar: Firefox Toolbar for digg, dzone and stumbleuponIt is a Firefox toolbar extension, which shows the number of votes and comments that an article(a webpage) has received. Currently it aggregates this data from StumbleUpon, Digg and Dzone.

It also provides a quick way to show your own opinion, to others on these services without you having to click on back button.

OpinionBar Firefox tool bar for digg, dzone and stumbleupon

How to use

Just install the [download#12#nohits], and start browsing.


  1. Show’s the rating of current webpage that you are viewing in Digg, DZone
  2. Show’s total number of comments on a webpage in StumbleUpon and Digg.
  3. One click access to Digg, Dzone and StumbleUpon article submission and rating without leaving current page.

What’s in pipeline

  1. Ability to rate without leaving opening a new tab
  2. More services(depending on demand)

Privacy Concerns

OpinionBar on it’s own does not collect any information about your browsing behavior, except whatever default is collected by a webserver raw log when a request is made to it, this may includes IP address, URL requested on the webserver(this is same for all the request and everyone), Date and time etc. 100% CLEAN

As this is still an experimental add-on, if you use it please leave a review on the Mozilla add-on page.

Finally, if you have any concerns, suggestions please leave a comment below.