Creating multiple profiles in Firefox

Recently I decided to start playing with Firefox extensions, and I needed to create a DEV profile for myself.

As usual I googled and found a good article on lifehacker by Gina Trapani, I read it. I followed the steps mentioned and I realized that it is not working.

After some tinkering and guess work I found that article had one crucial step missing(may be not as article is almost year old, and things may have changed since).

So I thought I will quickly write those steps down, for every one.

Step 1: Change the configuration

  • Type “about:config” in Firefox address bar and press enter.


  • Click “I’ll be careful, I promise” button. On next screen type “profile” in filter bar.

profile manage option in about:config

  • Double click “profile.manage_only_at_launch” to set it to true.
  • Close the Firefox web browser.

Now you can continue to follow the steps mentioned in lifehacker article.

For your convenience I have mentioned further steps below.

Step 2: Start profile manager

  • Go to command prompt and type firefox.exe –profilemanger and press enter.

starting firefox with profile manager

  • This will start Firefox profile manager

Firefox profile manager

  • Now you can createΒ  a new profile.

Additional Useful Tips (From lifehacker article)

  1. You can bypass the step to choose profile every time you start Firefox by creating a shortcut for each profile.
    shortcut for running multiple profiles of firefox
    Simply add -p profilename at end of you shortcut(as shown in the picture above), where profilename is name of the profile that you want to load.
  2. If you want to load Firefox with different profiles together then add -no-remote as well, at the end of you shortcut.
  3. If you like to use ‘run’ a lot, then you can simply create a shortcut in windows directory, give that shortcut a short and sweet name. You can then use this name to start the Firefox with selected profile, by typing it in run window.

Shortcut in windows directory

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