Barcamp Pune 5, Back To Basics, No Frills Camp

Fifth edition of Barcamp Pune is here(on 29th Nov actually) at SICSR, model Colony.

This time the theme of the event is ‘Back To Basics’ initially it was supposed to mean that focus of this event would be teach basics of technology to youngsters, but with time, its meaning changed to represent ‘No Frills Camp’.

Yes, you heard me right BCP5 is going to be a Freecamp aka ‘No Frills Camp’, which means if the only reason you used to attend the barcamp’s was t-shirts then you better don’t come, you will be disappointed. Their will also be no free snacks, and lunch will cost you around 60 Rs.

barcamp pune 5, back to basics

What it also means is that if you have passion for technology then you will find people who share your passion and no freeloaders. For once, at least, Barcamp is only about technologies and not freebies. And as Tarun rightly said Freedom To Be will be the mantra or this one.

Now, what are you waiting for, if you have still not registered then head over to and register yourself.

See you all on 29th @ SICSR, do drop by to say hello.

2 thoughts on “Barcamp Pune 5, Back To Basics, No Frills Camp

  1. BCP 5 was a success and thanks to people like you for organizing this event.
    I missed out you session but I am sure the PHP Guru has rocked as usual.

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