Debugging PHP using Xdebug and Notepad++ : Part 2

In my previous post, I have shown how to configure Xdebug and Notepad++ for debugging.

In this final part, I will take some example to demonstrate and show how to use the setup to make  debugging an PHP script easier and actually fun.

Initially I thought that I will write an article, but then I thought it is better if I do a screencast. This is my first(well it is second but that was without voice long time back) and voice of the screencast is not so good, you will need a headphone to get the voice clearly.

I have shown the debugging using a Joomla content component.

You can download the Xdebug helper Add-on here. Also checkout website for our own PHP community.

Debugging PHP scripts with Xdebug and Notepad++ from Amit Singh on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Debugging PHP using Xdebug and Notepad++ : Part 2

  1. I have followed all the stopes accoring to the part 1 and 2, i am using this command after the URL:

    ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=session_name, i can see the Notepad++ blinking, and i made 3 cases out from this
    1. i opened the .php file thats opened over the browser.
    2. i set a brakepoint
    3. i haven’t opened any file atall.

    I have 1 doubts:

    1.)In DBGp configuration, what is Remote Path and Local Path i have to use exactly. and remote server IP is same for me too?

    please reply me back,


  2. I followed the steps elicited in the url to head with debugging in Notepad++

    I have placed appropriate breakpoint in the php file and pasted the uri in the web browser. Though Notepad++ blinks when the uri is appended with ?XDEBUG_SESSION_START=session_name, I cannot proceed with debugging it says “Dbgp parse error” for the php file which I am working on and for the php as given out in the example it displays the error message “Element does not contain a single text node”, any pointers as to why this is happening. Its been quite some time that I have spent on this without any rescue. Appreciate your assistance on this


  3. getting a straigthforward example of how to actually do a debug with notepad and xampp is like beyond pulling teeth with a wire and doorknow,3 days now on google and still do not know how,this is great

  4. i have installed XDEBUG and notepad. i am using :
    windows 7 32bit, xampp, NPP V6 1.3 and XDEBUG. XDEBUG seems to be installed correctly and showing on phpinfo. I followed each steps and double checked it. But still not getting stopped at breakpoints.
    Any pointers ??

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