How do I find out more about the startup ecosystem in Pune?

Their was a very good discussion that happened at Pune  startups mailing list.  Topic of discussion was how do students find a way to get inside startup fraternity. Result of that discussion is that, we now have POCC-students group and mailing list created to help fill the gap.

What is the most interesting is,  we were discussing how to get students invlove in open source, while group was formed to give students mentoring.

Anyways,  I thought I will just put action points from that mailing list as a blog post so that few more people could find it.

Here is what Navin and other’s believe should be done by students to connect with  Pune startup faternity.

To stay plugged in to the Pune startup ecosystem, I suggest the following:

1. Subscribe to the PuneStartups (POCC) mailing list:
2. If you are a student, or interested in students, subscribe to the
POCC mailing list:
3. Stay in touch with Pune tech community events and other information
via PuneTech:
4. Join twitter. I’ve found that twitter is a great place to get
information about Pune Startups. On twitter follow @punetech

As startups always look for passion and skill in people they hire, so being active on one of the forums mentioned below can increase you chance of getting hired and also to interact and find mentors in local community.

Please choose according to your interest

  1. Join PHPCamp mailing list
  2. Join Drupal India Community mailing list at
  3. Join Joomla User Group Pune mailing list at
  4. Join Barcamp pune mailing list at
  5. If mailing list is to much for you, then follow some of the most active pune techies and tech events on twitter.

Again, I am biased towards PHP and PHP Community, so I have very limited knowledge of other tech events and their mailing list, So if any one of you are active on any other mailing list that is useful for students than please leave a comment I will update the post.

Are you satisfied with your knowledge? No, then spent 15 minutes every day on a knowledge sharing website for our own PHP community


Here are few more groups for you

  1. Join Null group at, they talk only about cyber security and hacking.
  2. Join Flex users mailing list at
  3. Join Pune Linux User group at
  4. For Techie Girls out their, Join LinuxChix
  5. Join Ruby users mailing list at
  6. Join Pune Java User Group

So many options, and still students ask where to look?

2 thoughts on “How do I find out more about the startup ecosystem in Pune?

  1. Amit, thanks. Very useful post.

    A couple of suggestions.
    1. Can you convert the URLs in the post to links – that will make it easier for visitors to go and check out the sites. Currently they’ll have to cut-n-paste.

    2. There are some more suggestions in Since not everyone will read the comments, can you include the more interesting groups out of those into your post?


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