Firefox Download Day 2008

Spread Firefox team is now aiming for Guinness world record of most software downloads in a 24 hours for Firefox 3. They had recently launched a Firefox 3 t-shirt competition which saw 1,852 submissions.

In this attempt they are aiming to beat the 2 million download in a day for Firefox 2.0, they want to have 5 million downloads in a single day.

Their attempt to record will be verified by Guinness world record team and two judges Corey Shields and Paul Vixie.

The date of release is not yet set(some time in June most probably), but they are asking people to sign a pledge that they will download it on the Download Day 2008.

I have put my pledge, and so is other 93,551 other people(as of writing this post) . So what are you waiting for go and pledge now if you have not already done it.

One request from the community

Play nice. Help us set this record the right way.

Please do not build download bots or any kind of dishonest mechanism. We rely on and trust our community to spread the word.

This event makes me wonder how Microsoft will release their Internet Explorer 8.

Download Day 2008

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