Aspiring WordPress Developers Read These Articles First

If you are starting with WordPress Plugin or theme development, or want to know where to start then here is a small list of articles that you should read, some of them should be always open in your browser, and some of them in your RSS reader.       Documentation and Help 1) […]

Backup your WordPress blog to Rackspace Cloud Files

  Update : Ā This plugin is notĀ available any more. You may want to checkĀ   We all have heard of importance of regular backups, but for a long time I had neglected it for my blog. But recently things happened that prompted me to take backups. While I was looking for option to keep backups, […]

5 key skills of a successful web application developer

Most probably you will be knowing about all these skills already, it is common sense, still I have found so many developers who just know just one server side language(usually java or .net) and then they think themselves as superman/superwoman. In web application development, that is just one thing. You need to know about lot […]

akWpLightBox : simple lightbox for wordpress

I always strive for simple solutions to all my problems, akWpLightBox plugin is result of one such endeavor. For quite some time now I was looking for a plugin which is lightweight, and can show images in lightbox like effect, in my blog. The effort of creating a javascript functionality for that was putting me […]

akWpUploader: Alternative WordPress Image Uploader

For those in hurry, download the latest version of [download#2#nohits] from wordpress plugin page. UPDATE (25 August 2009): I have released the version 1.1.0 and made it comaptible with WordPress 2.8. UPDATE: I have released 0.7.1 of this plugin, with this i consider it to be good enough for general uses, Please help me test […]