CodeIgniter 2.0 Is Baking

Just when I was loosing all hopes about CodeIgniter, yesterday EllisLab announced about their move to assembla and mercurial, in that there was a small but significant news about CodeIgniter 2.0. A quick look into the change log revealed PHP 4 support is deprecated. Features new to 2.0.0 may not be support PHP 4, and […]

How to get Latitude/Longitude from an address (or Geocoding ) using PHP

While Google’s documents for maps API does good job in showing how to get lat/long from an address in JavaScript they do not really show any example of doing the same with PHP.   So to make you life simple here is a small script in PHP that does that.     $geocode=file_get_contents(‘,+Jangli+Maharaj+Road,+Deccan+Gymkhana,+Pune,+Maharashtra,+India&sensor=false’); $output= json_decode($geocode); […]

PHPCamp in Pune Mirror

News about PHP and PHPCamp was published in today’s Pune Mirror. Their is just one mistake though, MySpace[:( ]  is not in PHP. It’s my mistake, I conveyed the wrong information while disscussing[i still can’t figure out from where ‘myspace is in php’ came to my mind] with reporter, stupid me 🙁 . I regret […]