Weekend of WordCamp Mumbai 2016

I have attended almost all WordCamps that has happened in India and even organised few WordCamps, and I can say that the recent edition of WordCamp Mumbai was by far the best WordCamp in India. Kudos to organisers for pulling it off.   If you did not attended the event, I would recommend you watch videos of […]

Why PHP is So Popular on Web?

If you ever wondered why the hell PHP is so popular on the web when there are better and powerful languages available? Well, the answer is very simple, It is only language that allows even musicians to build sites for themselves. By the way that is also the reason why WordPress has become the king […]

Aspiring WordPress Developers Read These Articles First

If you are starting with WordPress Plugin or theme development, or want to know where to start then here is a small list of articles that you should read, some of them should be always open in your browser, and some of them in your RSS reader.       Documentation and Help 1) http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference: […]

akWpUploader: Alternative WordPress Image Uploader

For those in hurry, download the latest version of [download#2#nohits] from wordpress plugin page. UPDATE (25 August 2009): I have released the version 1.1.0 and made it comaptible with WordPress 2.8. UPDATE: I have released 0.7.1 of this plugin, with this i consider it to be good enough for general uses, Please help me test […]