CodeIgniter 2.0 Is Baking

Just when I was loosing all hopes about CodeIgniter, yesterday EllisLab announced about their move to assembla and mercurial, in that there was a small but significant news about CodeIgniter 2.0.

A quick look into the change log revealed

PHP 4 support is deprecated.  Features new to 2.0.0 may not be support PHP 4, and all legacy features will no longer support PHP 4 as of 2.1.0.

This is what I was waiting for. What it means, as pointed by Phil Sturgeon and Elliot Haughin, is that CI 2.0 will not run on PHP 4, but more importantly, it can now take full advantages of PHP 5.

One other thing that I liked is

Added ability to set "Package" paths - specific paths where the Loader and Config classes should try to look first for a requested file.  This allows distribution of sub-applications with their own libraries, models, config files, etc. in a single "package" directory.  

Which means that now we can create common area where we can keep helpers, views and libraries that needs to be shared between two applications.

While there are many more updates these two got me excited.

For now let’s wait for them to release, meanwhile you can sign up for Bitbucket and follow the updates for CodeIgniter Project.

6 thoughts on “CodeIgniter 2.0 Is Baking

  1. While their are many more updates these two got me excited.

    While THERE are many more updates these two got me excited.

  2. I am also losing hope for CodeIgniter lately, I’m an avid fan of this framework but reading blogs about how CodeIgniter compare to other MVC framework such as Yii and Kohana and Cakephp, those framework outlast CodeIgniter when it comes to features, functions, being lightweight as well as full support to PHP 5.

    A friend of mine showed me how he easily built a website using Yii framework. Here’s a common observation: upon creating a project, Yii is able to generate predefined pages for us like a default page, contact us form and I think a login. You can also map out your database table and let the framework create a DAL (Data Access Layer) for us.

    And worst of all from the blogs I’ve read about CodeIgniter, some said CodeIgniter are good for beginners.

    I’m hoping that there will be a big leap forward on the next version 2.

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