One Year Of Writing

On 25th February this blog turned 1 year old.

I am happy to say that in my 3rd attempt to be a blogger I have finally succeded.

Thank you every one for commenting and reading which kept my interest alive.

2 thoughts on “One Year Of Writing

  1. Heartiest congratulations Amit !! What better time for me than to drop a first comment on your blog.

    Btw, could you help in providing some information on the Joomla Day being scheduled in Pune. If feasible, it would be great to have specific information about the sessions being planned and the presenters.

    Apparently, the event is being held in my college i.e. International Institute of Information Technology.

  2. Hi Amit,

    I have used your Ajax tutorial to do some things and it worked out great. I wanted to ask if you did custom plugins(no public release). Please contact me via my email.


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