PHPCamp In Pune

A bunch of PHP enthusiast(including me) are organizing PHPCamp in Pune on 20th September 2008.

What is PHPCamp?

Well PHPCamp aims to be ad hoc gathering of PHP developers who are interested in talking and listening PHP.

It also provides an opportunity for freshers/newbies who are starting  out in the world of web development  to judge for themselves if PHP is cool or not?

On 20th September we intend to do lot’s of talking about PHP, what is good, and what is bad in PHP, how to change/overcome limitations  imposed by PHP. We will talk about frameworks, cms, coding practices and many more things.

Why Yet Another Camp?

For last three years I am doing web application development using PHP and I always felt a need for PHP conferences in Pune to enhance my skills. Never in last three years I heard of any such event happening in Pune, I started thinking that if I need something like this then their will be others also waiting for similar events.

So instead of waiting for someone to recognize this need, and do something about it. I decided to act on my own and started discussing the idea with my colleagues and BarCamp(Pune) organizers. They all were excited about it.

Then after discussing the idea with few other people, last Friday I assembled my teammates and colleagues and told them that we are organizing this camp, and asked them what they think about it? The general consensus was that we should go out and organize an event for PHP community. I build the website following weekend to get things rolling .

So basically PHPCamp is born out of my desire to provide a platform for PHP developers where we can share the knowledge, talk about exciting new things in PHP, to teach budding PHP developers about right ways to do things, and to create an environment where more and more developers become active contributors to open source world, instead of being just a passive consumer.

If all this sounds interesting to you then head over to and register your self(registration is free). We are currently looking for sponsors, if you are interested(or know someone who is) talk to any event planners

7 thoughts on “PHPCamp In Pune

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  2. I got oxo.exe file. Which is there on my c drive. I dont know whether the file is harmful or not. But it just suddenly appeared on my disk. So is it harmful? And if yes, How do i remove it.??
    Please Advice.

  3. Hi, Amit… I had started designing website as an HTML and still I’m at an initial stage. You can see it through my website, but I want to grow and I want real progress. For that I searched many options, from ASP to JAVA and from .NET to PHP but I got PHP very appealing becuase of its features as I searched and found on web and through some sources like PLUG meetings and asking some people. Now I want to be a Developer for PHP but as I checked registrations for PHP camp are already closed and I want support and help of people who work with PHP, I thought you can help me for this. I am a newbie for the web development, so please guide me for the same.

  4. Hi

    i want to do PHP and become a PHP developer iam in pune from where should i do it in pune plz give me a list of institute for this of pune

  5. Hey!!

    Dear Amit,

    What are you doing these days. I hope you are fine. Let me know if you’re still continuing PHPCAMP in pune or not.

    With Regards,

    Uttam Kumar

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