PHPCamp is making a comeback

After a 13-year gap, PHPCamp is back. It will be held on 8 June 2024 at the 5th Floor, MCCIA Trade Tower, Pune. What is PHPCamp? PHPCamp aims to be an ad hoc gathering of PHP developers interested in talking and listening to PHP. It also allows freshers/newbies starting in the web development world to […]

PHPCamp is Back

Preparations are on for second edition of India’s biggest un-conference for PHP developers. It is going to be held on 9 January 2010 at Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning, Pune. Check out the talks and if you think you can give a better one then please propose your talk. If you have not registered yet, […]

PHPCamp: India’s Biggest Unconference

I have just returned after un-organizing India’s biggest un-conference. 1212 people registered before we closed the registrations yesterday at 7.30pm. Today despite heavy rains, 700+ people from Mumbai, Ahmadnagar, Nasik, Pune and Bangalore turned up. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Symbiosis(SICSR) students and Pune IT Labs Volunteers who did all the […]

PHPCamp in Pune Mirror

News about PHP and PHPCamp was published in today’s Pune Mirror. Their is just one mistake though, MySpace[:( ]  is not in PHP. It’s my mistake, I conveyed the wrong information while disscussing[i still can’t figure out from where ‘myspace is in php’ came to my mind] with reporter, stupid me 🙁 . I regret […]

PHPCamp In Pune

A bunch of PHP enthusiast(including me) are organizing PHPCamp in Pune on 20th September 2008. What is PHPCamp? Well PHPCamp aims to be ad hoc gathering of PHP developers who are interested in talking and listening PHP. It also provides an opportunity for freshers/newbies who are starting  out in the world of web development  to […]