Jquery : An Introduction

Jquery according to me is javascript++ , a library that enhances the javascript without adding lot of burden to learn some new syntax and or way of coding, other then what you already know of javascript.

In other words, if you are beginning with javascript and looking for a javascript library that can help you jumpstart your value as javascript developer then look no further then jquery.

it makes advance javascript programming an easy task for beginners also.

This is the presentation that i gave at Gnunify’08.

here are some of the references to kick start your jquery journey.

  1. jQuery Documentation
  2. jquery tutorials for designers
  3. jquery crash course
  4. 50+ amazing jquery example   (could not help but add it)

2 thoughts on “Jquery : An Introduction

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  2. Hi Amit,

    great site – very congenial. Thanks a lot for your jquery tutorials.
    It’s very helpfull for beginners like me.
    That’s all, but more than nothing.
    Best regards form Germany


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