5 key skills of a successful web application developer

Most probably you will be knowing about all these skills already, it is common sense, still I have found so many developers who just know just one server side language(usually java or .net) and then they think themselves as superman/superwoman. In web application development, that is just one thing. You need to know about lot […]

akWpLightBox : simple lightbox for wordpress

I always strive for simple solutions to all my problems, akWpLightBox plugin is result of one such endeavor. For quite some time now I was looking for a plugin which is lightweight, and can show images in lightbox like effect, in my blog. The effort of creating a javascript functionality for that was putting me […]

TubeSpy by Ajaxonomy

Tubespy is a jQuery application that can be used to see what people are watching on youtube now. This application is created by cool guys at Ajaxonomy Labs they are also the creator of del.icio.us Spy, which is open source and you can download the source code here. It is built using jquery framework, UI […]

Jquery : An Introduction

Jquery according to me is javascript++ , a library that enhances the javascript without adding lot of burden to learn some new syntax and or way of coding, other then what you already know of javascript. In other words, if you are beginning with javascript and looking for a javascript library that can help you […]