Round off

Their are lot’s of tech events happening in Pune.

Recently Concluded was IdeaCamp 2, you can read about it on Bhavya’s blog post.

Upcoming events that I know of

  1. WATBlog Wednesday Pune on 21st January,
  2. Drupal Camp Pune, it is going to happen on 31st January,
  3. On 13th – 14 Feb( yes !!!) we are having Gnunify’09.  and
  4. Joomla Day India, for the first time in India, we will have a day dedicated to Joomla. This will happen on 25th April.  Announcement about it should happen in a day or two.

Too know about more tech events that are happening or happen in Pune, keep checking Pune Tech Events Calendar.

For last few week I have been doing lot of things and learned a lot, stay tuned..  till then

Have fun

3 thoughts on “Round off

  1. I wanted to attend, but had an accident so could not come 🙁 , hope to meet you on WATBlog meet.

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