Round off

Their are lot’s of tech events happening in Pune. Recently Concluded was IdeaCamp 2, you can read about it on Bhavya’s blog post. Upcoming events that I know of WATBlog Wednesday Pune on 21st January, Drupal Camp Pune, it is going to happen on 31st January, On 13th – 14 Feb( yes !!!) we are […]

5 key skills of a successful web application developer

Most probably you will be knowing about all these skills already, it is common sense, still I have found so many developers who just know just one server side language(usually java or .net) and then they think themselves as superman/superwoman. In web application development, that is just one thing. You need to know about lot […]

Drupal Form API : An Introduction

Update : this article is only relevant to Drupal 5.x, with coming of Drupal 7 this is completely out dated. I am guessing you must have created lot’s of html forms before, now you have started using Drupal and wondering how to create forms in Drupal and process them. If this is so then read on…. What […]