Fix ‘Blank page’ problem aka White Screen of Death

This is another interesting problem that baffles the novice PHP programmers. We make a quick change, and upload the file to webserver, we access the webapge and your are presented with a blank white page, aka ‘white screen of death’. It does not even show any error message. We end up thinking what happened, we […]

Enable Your Joomla To Write In Hindi, Marathi, Bengoli, Gujarati, Malyalam, Telugu and Punjabi

UPDATE: This article is compatible only upto Joomla 1.5.12. I will make it compatible to latest version of Joomla as soon as i have time. Thank you. Recently I was required to give a presentation to an agricultural college, they wanted to create a website for their college in Marathi, which resulted in akIndicPlugin for […]

PHP Sucks

It seems like their is a new Cool wave flowing in the developer community which involves finding reasons to say PHP sucks. Everyone worth his salt is trying to get ahead in finding new reasons to put it down. So I thought why not I compile some of the good articles from bunch of these […]

5 key skills of a successful web application developer

Most probably you will be knowing about all these skills already, it is common sense, still I have found so many developers who just know just one server side language(usually java or .net) and then they think themselves as superman/superwoman. In web application development, that is just one thing. You need to know about lot […]